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Giorgio Golinelli

Director - Energy Services

Born in Imola in 1971, degree in Electrical Engineering, EMBA from the Alma Graduate School, Bologna.

In December 1999, he began working at Taularia S.p.A. as Head of Technical Economic Analysis in the Energy Division.

After the corporate integration process which resulted in the contribution of Taularia S.p.A. to Hera S.p.A., the company was renamed Hera Comm S.r.l. and Mr Golinelli joined the Medium and Large Customers department as an Operational Marketing Analyst.

In January 2006, he became Head of Energy Services, with the objective of guaranteeing the expected economic results from sales of co-generated energy to institutional and corporate customers.

In January 2007, he was made responsible for the Business Customers department, with the goal of developing and managing the direct sale network for his segment while ensuring that assigned commercial objectives were achieved.

In 2009, the structure was re-named Top Business Market, although his responsibilities remained the same.

In June 2013, while maintaining responsibility for the Top Business Market, he became CEO of the company Sinergie S.r.l. and Chairman of Hera Energie s.r.l.

In July 2014, while maintaining responsibility for the Top Business Market, he became CEO of Amga Calore e Impianti and in January 2015 he was appointed CEO of Hera Servizi Energia, a company that oversees and develops integrated electrical and thermal energy management, energy efficiency improvement and heat management services, founded in late 2014 after the merger between Sinergia s.r.l. and Hera Energie s.r.l. and the simultaneous contribution of the Energy Service business unit of Hera Comm S.r.l.

In January 2016, he was appointed Director of Energy Services within the Central Markets Department and is responsible for supporting the Department in positioning the Group in the area of Energy Services and guaranteeing sales coverage as well as energy service development and management synergies, in addition to defining an integrated sales plan. He is also responsible for developing his area’s business plan and ensuring that it is implemented through the appropriate structures and coordinated companies.

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