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Hera has drafted and register of suppliers upon whom it can rely to meet its supply needs when there is no public tender in the offing.

In order to be listed on the Hera supplier register, possession of the standard requirements (identical for all product groups) and specific requirements (associated with the characteristics peculiar to the product group in question) must be demonstrated.

Each product group is placed in categories and subcategories in order to facilitate browsing.
The two main product group categories are those that are

  • OPEN for qualification

and those that are

  • CLOSED for qualification.

Suppliers can ask to commence a qualification process only for products in the “open” category. A supplier already authorised to use the system can apply for qualification for a new “open” product group by selecting that group from inside the special online qualification area.

At the end of the qualification process, the supplier will be converted into an “effective” supplier and, from that time onwards, and from that time onwards only, will be able to receive orders and stipulate contracts. Continuance of the title of “effective supplier” is dependant on the supplier:

  • constantly updating its personal data required in order to be contacted by Hera;
  • updating any certificates presented during qualification phase before they expire;
  • replying promptly to requests for bids from Hera Group buyers;
  • maintaining its assessment score above 60 points.

Suppliers who are already qualified and in possession of User ID and Password can, by selecting “Access to the system” from the left-hand menu, enter their reserved area and request the extension of their qualification to other “open” product categories.

Suppliers intending to apply for qualification for one of the “open” product categories should select “First registration” from the left-hand menu and, on so doing, will gain access to the self-candidature page.

Page updated 18 May 2020

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