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Energy efficiency is a cornerstone of our sustainable development strategy. A value that we extend to each and every sector: from families to companies and the public administration.



  • The consumption log book introduced in 2019, in collaboration with the Milan Polytechnic University and researchers in mathematics, statistics and behavioral psychology, is a free service that Hera Comm provides to customers to help them compare their own energy consumption with that of a similar family in terms of size, province and energy use (in the case of domestic customers). Thanks to the report, the family can also compare its consumption in the same period of the previous year and get advice on how to optimise its energy use. The service, which is already available for electricity, gas and district heating, was extended experimentally as from October 2019 to a sample of over 100 thousand domestic water service customers. 
  • Hera Led: replacing a incandescent lamp with a high efficiency LED lamp gives an energy saving of up to 80%. Our customers start saving on electricity consumption costs immediately thanks to Hera Led products. 
  • Hera-Thermo: home gas consumption may be monitored thanks to the intelligent thermostat. Thanks to the app, which allows remote access via smartphone, the customer may control the temperature set in the home at any time and check the functioning of the boiler. A quick and easy solution to become aware of the situation and reduce waste
  • HeraContaWatt: a device connected to the meter allows the user to monitor electricity consumption via the app on its smartphone, tablet or pc. Every week, the user receives a report by e-mail of all the consumption details. 



  • Energy efficiency retrofit of condominiums 
    The energy efficiency retrofit takes over the building-plant system, analyzing its overall energy performance. The main aspects that are considered to affect performance are: thermal energy production efficiency of the plant and the ability of the building to retain energy, without dispersing it into the environment. 
    Several energy efficiency retrofit projects have been offered to condominiums by Hera Group through its subsidiaries Hera Servizi Energia (HSE) and AcegasApsAmga Servizi Energetici (ASE): 
    • Efficiency retrofit of the central heating plant  
    • Installation of thermal cladding 
    • Thermal photovoltaic and solar plants 
    • Individual heat metering 
    • Lighting retrofit 
    Depending on the conditions of the building, the number and type of works required, an energy efficiency retrofit may given significant energy savings, meaning lower bills and improved air quality.  


  • The 110% super-bonus and other deduction categories 
    According to the Decreto Crescita (Growth Decree), the 110% super-bonus and other deduction categories may be paid by assignment of the credit or a discount applied to the invoice.  
    Hera Servizi Energia (HSE) and AcegasApsAmga Servizi Energetici (ASE) offer their services as companies that carry out energy efficiency retrofits and manage the technical and administrative aspects, which are essential to obtain the incentive. 
    In this way, condominiums deal with a single company that invoices the fees for the required works and services and valuates the tax credit through a discount applied to the invoice or assignment of the credit. 
    The commercial offer allows each customer to decide whether to manage the deduction autonomously or use the credit/discount applied to the invoice to pay all or part of the fee for the works and services requested. 
  • Thermoregulation and consumption accounting
    Through our companies Hera Servizi Energia (HSE) and AcegasApsAmga Servizi Energetici (ASE), we offer condominiums with central heating systems, a thermoregulation and consumption accounting system that ensures transparent, clear identification of the consumption of each user. Our systems are scrupulously designed, to comply with energy efficiency requirements and the need to provide real consumption data; our systems may be integrated with existing systems, including very dated systems for which service documents are not available. 


We support Energy Managers and Companies in their endeavours to improve energy efficiency: whether this is the Energy Diagnosis provided by Legislative Decree 102/2014, or more simply a quick pre-audit to identify and evaluate the most promising savings initiatives, we support Companies in a reliable and continuous manner, even with the often fundamental contribution of White Certificates, a flexible form of incentive that is particularly interesting for the chemical, food and ceramic industries.

  • Industrial cogeneration
    Hera Servizi Energia (HSE) and AcegasApsAmga Servizi Energetici (ASE) present an offer of integrated energy management through cogeneration: from the feasibility study to the project and from construction to management, even by outsourcing the plant.
    Industrial cogeneration and trigeneration are combined electrical energy production and heat/cooling processes that ensure a saving on energy costs and reduce dispersion, as well as reduced pollution and greater energy efficiency.  
  • A customized offer 
    We offer a complete service ranging from the feasibility study to the project including the construction and management of cogeneration plants, guaranteeing the use of the best technology available in the field of power generation, without using company resources for management.  
    Our group supports the customer at each and every stage of the project and is committed to providing customized solutions designed for the specific needs of each and everyone. The offer includes activities and tools essential for a flexible and gradual approach to the correct management of energy and the relevant environmental impact. 
    Thanks to CEI UNI 11352 certification, HSE and ASE are able to operate as an ESCo (Energy Service Company), financing the initiative (ESCo bases its profits on the savings attained through the interventions) and carrying out the technological interventions directly. 


  • Public-private partnership 
    Hera Servizi Energia (HSE) and AcegasApsAmga Servizi Energetici (ASE) offer global solutions to the Public Administration based on public-private partnership instruments, above all, in project financing. 
    With the presentation of project financing initiatives, we plan and offer innovative energy concepts, tailored for public administrations, whose aim is to implement energy efficiency retrofit and development projects for resources that are a common heritage, focusing on optimizing consumption while reducing costs and polluting emissions. 
    The project financing applied to our energy saving solutions, taking int account the building-heating system, becomes a "financing" formula, through which Public Administrations may use private capital for important community projects and infrastructures. In this way important insulation and thermo-technical efficiency projects may be completed, transferring the costs of the public works to the global contractor that will obtain its remuneration, over the life of the contract, by effectively running the project. 

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