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The purchase system

The Hera group has adopted a two-layered supply organisation structure. At one level can be found a Purchases and Contracts Department within Hera S.p.A. itself, while on another are the various Purchases and Contracts Operating Units located inside each Territorial operating structure. The first level fulfils a role of qualifying and assessing suppliers. In addition it provides direction and coordination, and plans and manages supply needs via the stipulation of Group contracts. It also handles tenders for the assignment of goods, services and works contracts the value of which is above the EU threshold and in this way ensures supplies for the various Divisions of Hera S.p.A. Finally, it functions as an internal consultant for the Group and its subsidiaries and guarantees performance standards that are in line with economic and financial strategies and objectives. The second level deals with the supplies for Territorial operating structure and works in coordination with the Purchases and Contracts Department for the purpose of identifying needs and supervising warehouses.

Page updated 18 May 2020

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