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Equity story

The Group has achieved significant, continuous and uninterrupted growth, leading it to quintuple its size in slightly over 18 years.

This is therefore a story of growth, low risk and M&As.

The historical series of the main financial data are provided below.  

1. Strong market positions and a multi-business approach has yield 18Y of constant growth, of results since establishment in 2002.


To learn more: Summary data 2002-2019 (66kb - XLS) 

2. Growing dividends

3. Stable financial structure and conservative risk profile (with an average debt duration of around 6 years) supported by a growing cash generation able to fully cover investments and increasing dividends.

4. Proven capacity to deploy the unique business model through M&A extracting significant synergies.

5. Low risk, solid CSR profile and a sustainable approach to the management of a multi-business portfolio (51% regulated).

6. Consistent strategy carried on by a stable management team, assuring commitment toward further growth.

7. Targets of business plan envisage further growth (Ebitda up to 1,300 million euro in 2024) with virtually no changes in the sound financial structure (E2024 Debt/Ebitda < 2.8x).

8. Strong governance, outstanding in the Italian sector.

9. Fair market multiples and dividend yield.


Growth by business from 2002 to 2019

Page update 17 February 2021

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