TESTATA Suggestions for writing a good CV and be prepared for the interview

Suggestions for writing a good CV and be prepared for the interview

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Suggestions for writing a good CV and preparing for the interview

Suggestions for writing a good CV and preparing for the interview

A CV is a useful tool for finding employment; it targets a vast public and aims to motivate the recipient to learn more about the applicant through an interview. A good CV must answer three questions: who is the applicant, what type of work is he/she looking for and what are his/her strong points.


  • A CV must immediately transmit clarity and professionalism (white paper, short sentences; special information and/or sections should be highlighted in bold; a CV should be no more than one or two pages).
  • Always specify if your place of domicile is different from that of residence, so as to highlight the distance from the workplace, and specify whether you are willing to relocate.
  • Include your correct mobile number and e-mail address.
  • Education and work experience should always be recorded in reverse order, i.e. starting with your current or most recent position. This allows you to highlight similarities between your work experience and the position you are applying for, especially if you are applying for a similar position.
  • So as to be able to easily identify the most important educational profile for the position offered, list your qualifications, starting from the most recent first.
  • Always include course start dates and end dates.
  • Always include grades achieved.
  • If you are currently undertaking a course, always include the date in which the course is due to end, to highlight your availability.
  • List all professional experience, particularly if you are a new graduate, as this demonstrates enthusiasm and commitment.
  • If you have extensive work experience, your CV should focus on the work experience that is most recent and similar to the position you are applying for.
  • Organise your CV on the basis of your strong points for the position you are applying for: above all, highlight skills and results achieved or experience gained in similar positions.
  • List lesser experience without going into detail, even if such experience is completely unrelated to the position you are applying for. This experience helps to highlight commitment and professionalism.
  • Provide authorisation for the processing of your personal data pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 196/2003.

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