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What we are called to achieve today and in the future

The Hera Group wants to be the best Italian multi-utility for its customers, workers and shareholders, by further enhancing an original business model capable of innovation with strong local roots, while respecting the environment.


The definition of our mission stems from a participatory process that involved some workers from different company areas and 15 mayors of member municipalities, with the goal of exchanging different opinions and identifying the main values in which the reference stakeholders can identify.

For Hera, being the best multi-utility means representing a reason for pride and trust for: 

  • customers - so that by constantly listening to them they receive quality services that live up to their expectations; 
  • the women and men who work in the company - so that they are the protagonists of the results thanks to their expertise, their involvement, and their passion; 
  • shareholders - so that they can be sure that the economic value continues to be created for the company while respecting the principles of Social Responsibility; 
  • the reference local area - so that its economic, social and environmental wealth is fostered for a sustainable future; 
  • suppliers - so that they can be key players in the value chain and partners in growth.


The values in which we identify

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A fair and loyal group of people

Legality, fairness, honesty, equity and impartiality drive our feelings and actions. On the basis of this common denominator, we establish lasting relationships with customers and suppliers, general transparency in relations with third parties, fair recognition of the work of our associates.


Sincere and clear with all stakeholders

We use management tools that are open to dialogue with our stakeholders, in order to meet the expectations of providing information and knowledge on the economic, social and environmental impacts of our company's activities, in a clear, complete and timely manner.


Committed to the good of the company together

Working at Hera involves committing to establishing a trust-based relationship with one' s colleagues and, more in general, with all stakeholders. 

It is essential to be fair and effective to achieve the company's objectives, with full awareness of one's tasks and responsibilities.


We do what we say we will

Being consistent means that every player must commit to implementing the company's values and principles on a daily basis and in every action. 

They are the foundation of strategic planning, objectives and operational management.

Missione and values 2

The lines of conduct we adopt to achieve our strategic objectives

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