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We are the leading operator handling waste management in Italy. We serve 187 municipalities in five regions (Emilia-Romagna, the Marches, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Tuscany) for a total of 3.2 million citizens

We work on behalf of Municipal administrations through a service Contract for urban hygiene activities, in this way guaranteeing an integrated waste management system.

With the company Herambiente we govern a complex system of municipal and special waste recovery and disposal plant such as to meet the needs of the area served. We also offer companies made to measure solutions for the integrate management of waste and energy resources through a Global Service Management approach, with the aim of improving the performance of our customers in terms of sustainability and efficiency. 

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The Herambiente Group is the waste treatment leader in Italy. Its role has been consolidated over the years thanks to our companies that operate on the Italian and international market, able to effectively treat all types of waste. We offer our customers custom packages to meet all of their requirements, such as integrated environmental services or the planning and execution of reclamations of contaminated sites, in this way contributing to the protection of the environment, and of the health and safety of workers and citizens. 

Responsibility for the environment. The responsibility environment

Herambiente’s experience allows us to play a leadership role for a path leading to the circular economy, with the objective of pursuing standards of efficiency and profitability, and high percentages of recycling and recovery of material and energy. To do this, we make available innovation, skills and plants that are distinguished by their reliability, state-of-the art technologies and high environmental performance.

Our strategy is centred on the integration of the various sectors along the value chain. Over the years, Herambiente has evolved while continuing to pay attention to efficiency, while aiming at integrating people in the different business lines, at digitisation, while encouraging innovation and the sharing of knowledge, and while promoting process and design synergies. (I would wait for the final text on the new mission for this part).

Our services for companies:

  • Herambiente Industrial Services: we are a company dedicated to the environmental needs of companies, and thanks to our increasingly efficient processes, we are a single partner from waste collection to its treatment. We make available to companies fully customized solutions, such as turn-key services for managing industrial waste, in order to find the most advantageous destination for each waste in full compliance with the complex environmental legislation.
  • Reclamation service: thanks to our consolidated know-how and high standards of quality and safety, we guarantee advice and services that are always attentive to environmental sustainability, such as customized analyses to find economically efficient solutions. Our engineers following the reclamation and decontamination projects from the very beginning, providing a range of services for the environment such as characterisation and design, reclamation and implementation of safety measures technologies, and environmental due diligence.
  • Aliplast: we are the first Italian company to manage the entire plastic cycle in-house. By customizing products, we can guarantee a complete service, from the pick-up of plastic waste and transportation up to its transformation into a reusable material.
  • Utilities market:we manage the entire recovery chain for waste deriving from separate collection, as well as the treatment of UNDIFFERENTIATED and special urban waste.

Do you want a customized solution for your company? Learn about our services on the Herambiente website (enter link → http://ha.gruppohera.it/).


The mission of the Hera Group’s Environmental Services is to make the environment where we live a better place, one that is pleasant and safe. In order to reach this goal, we also collect abusive waste and carry out urban decor interventions in collaboration with the municipal administrations for whom we work. We guarantee increasingly virtuous waste management by identifying custom solutions based on the specific characteristics of the areas such as, for example, cleaning beaches or washing arcades. Our service comes out of the study and analysis of the best management practices and has allowed us to establish an organisational model based on an actual consolidated wealth of knowledge and decades of experience.

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