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Diversity is a synonym of wealth

Managing diversity means valuing the unique contribution of each employee. Valuing the role of workers triggers a virtuous circle that has a positive impact both on the individual and on achieving business results.

This fosters cooperative behaviour in the workplace and promotes an organisation that is conducive to a greater participation in our corporate culture.

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Contenuto Diversity Management part two

Different and equal: the Group's commitment over the years

  • 2009

    Hera Group's commitment to policies that include and protect diversitystarted long ago and was consolidated in 2009 with the signing of the Charter for equal opportunities and occupational equality.
  • 2011

    A turning point was the introduction of the Diversity Manager in 2011, tasked with furthering the processes of developing inclusion policies and valuing diversity. A working group was also set up, made up of employees of Group companies, diverse in terms of age, position held, profession and training. Coordinated by the Diversity Manager, it works on projects, activities and initiatives on the topic of diversity and inclusion.
  • 2017

    The adoption of goal number 5 of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals marked another important step towards Gender Equality.

"The diversity manager acts as a connector, to build synapses within the organization."
 (CEO Stefano Venier taken from the video)


Hera's Founding Principles of Diversity and Inclusion

I see: 

  • I am aware that stereotypes belong to our culture, they help to simplify reality, but also make people short-sighted. I do not consider commonly held ideas as the absolute truth: all women are skilled at managing relationships, seniors do not keep up with technology, men are more competitive at work, Italians are often late..
  • I listen as a tool to better see reality.
  • I ask questions, I am curious, I do not take anything for granted.. 

I recognise: 

  • I recognise specificities, characteristics and different points of view.
  • I put myself in the other person's shoes, I try to establish relationships with people who have different experiences, outlooks and values, I recognise the value of different qualities and approaches
  • I accept my colleagues' style of thinking and behaviour
  • I work to extend my knowledge even to fields and areas other than my own, I make sure that the person I am talking to understands that he or she is understood

I recognise value:

  • I eliminate the difficulties that an under-represented group may encounter, and recognise the value of their distinguishing features
  • I use and encourage speech without generalisations and stereotypes, I communicate in a way that is comprehensible to all, I create conditions where everyone has the same opportunities and feels at ease
  • I actively look for different contributions
  • I create conditions of "closeness" when people from different backgrounds work together, I encourage them to overcome differences


The task of the Diversity Manager

Susanna Zucchelli, Water manager and Diversity manager of Hera Group, has been appointed Diversity Manager of the Hera Group, with the objective of promoting the implementation of a corporate policy on equal opportunities and the appreciation of diversity.

Thanks to the support of a working group, cross-functional to the company's organization, she develops projects together with the company's management in order to improve the company's culture and good practices.

“We work on diversity to become increasingly equal”
(Susanna Zucchelli, Water manager and Diversity manager of Hera Group)


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