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Focus on innovation

Data, the key to a smart future

From city to "smart city" thanks to data: with our detection systems we can monitor traffic trends, air quality and consumption of public parks. 

Focus on innovation

Hergo Reti: the smart approach to emergency service and maintenance

More than 130 thousand emergency response reports involving 1,500 employees in 2019. More than 50 thousand emergency response operations in the first six months of 2020, in a local area that includes Emilia-Romagna, Triveneto and Marche.

Focus on innovation

Hergoambiente, waste bin speaking

Our 300,000 waste bins are talking. How? Thanks to a "tag" that always tells us where they are, how they are working and if they have been emptied. Find out more about the projects of HergoAmbiente, Hera Group's "smart" system to support waste management services.

Focus on innovation

Robotics at the service of humankind

Thanks to robotics and artificial intelligence we can make our flows more efficient and develop the full potential of individuals and their intellectual capacities. With our Robotic & Intelligent Process Automation platform we have streamlined and seven processes and made them more reliable: find out which ones.

Focus on innovation

The Forlì remote control technology hub, the heart of Hera

How do we monitor 6,600 plants and over 67,000 km of networks? With our Forlì Remote Control Technological Hub, which monitors operation in real time to detect failures and malfunctions of aqueducts, sewers, and energy distribution networks. It's a real engine that powers Hera's operation: discover all its numbers. 

Focus on innovation

The office in a device. Digital workplace

The Digital Workplace has transformed how we work, making office presence increasingly unnecessary, and fostering remote working and flexibility.

Focus on innovation

Water treatment 4.0, between artificial intelligence and predictive technologies

Modena's smart purification plant is COSTANCE, the prototype of the purification plant of Granarolo dell'Emilia. Two outstanding examples of sustainable water resource management.

Focus on innovation

What about your bill? Pay it with a click

With our digital payment solutions, you can pay your bills quickly, easily and securely, directly from your smartphone or home PC.

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