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We manage the integrated water services in 228 Municipalities and understand how precious water is; for us, "sustainable management" means working in a circular perspective: storing, preserving and reusing water while minimizing waste and dispersion.

We control all the different phases to make water available for domestic and industrial use and consumption: from the consumption phase to treatment, through to distribution to users; from the management of the sewerage system to purification, and return of water to the environment.

To make water drinkable, water undergoes several treatments, from simple disinfection to more complex operations.

Our multi-line and telecontrolled treatments, include the following:

  • physical: filtration and flotation;
  • physical-chemical: flocculation;
  • chemical: disinfection ozonization and chlorination carried out by introducing chemical substances that help to eliminate or reduce pollutants or undesirable agents.

The main purification plants have complex configurations consisting of different treatment sections, ranging from traditional "activated sludge" systems to the most innovative "membrane treatments", including standard sludge treatment and disposal sections or anaerobic digestion systems with storage and reuse of biogas.
Treatments are continuously evolving in order to ensure that they are in line with changes in national and European legislation, advances in scientific knowledge, innovations in system engineering and ongoing improvements of analysis techniques to support quality control.

Hera SpA guarantees the aqueduct service thanks to 387 drinking water treatment plants (excluding the integrated network disinfection points and industrial treatments) and the purification service through 871 treatment plants (347 purification plants and 524 Imhoff Tanks), 14 of which have a capacity to serve over 100,000 inhabitants.

*data updated to 31 December 2019, Source BS 2019 and Report In Buone Acque 2019

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