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On 26th June 2003, Hera was listed on the Milan stock exchange. Since 1st June 2009, Hera share has been listed in other indexes, including the FTSE Italia All-Shares and the FTSE Italia Mid Cap.

As of 18 March 2019, Hera has been listed on the FTSE MIB, Borsa Italiana’s main Index, which includes the 40 largest stocks in Piazza Affari by capitalization, liquidity and trading volume.

These achievements have been supported by a path of growth that began 17 years ago and is based on a multi-business model  that combines internal and external growth and presents a mix of activities showing resilience to the scenario’s main macro-variables.

Its tickers are:

  • Bloomberg: HER IM
  • Reuters: HRA.MI

The Hera share is also traded on the following alternative markets: Turquoise and Bats/Chix.

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The Hera Group's attention to ESG factors, which the company has included in its mission since its establishment in 2002, is an increasingly central issue for investors as well. The inclusion in authoritative sustainable indices, drawn up by independent agencies, represents further confirmation of the good sustainable strategy pursued by the Group that constitutes its founding approach.

The ESG indices consider that companies with a sustainable management from an environmental point of view, relationships with stakeholders and corporate governance achieve in the long term better and higher results than their competitors. Sustainable indices therefore have also the function of facilitating the investment choices of socially responsible funds (SRI) in companies committed to the assessed issues.

The international sustainability indices that include the Hera stock are:

Dow Jones Sustainability Index
Europe & World
Hera has simultaneously become part of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and Europe Index as well as positioning as “Industry leader”.  Ranked as the best multi-utility globally, Hera stood out above all for environmental and economic dimensions, and for its governance.In the Sustainability Yearbook 2021, Hera was also awarded the Gold Class 2021 medal and the special mention of "Industry mover", thanks to the excellent performance achieved.


FTSE4Good Index Series In 2020, Hera's stock was included in the FTSE4Good Index Series, a series of ethical indices created by FTSE Russell to encourage investment in companies that meet globally recognised standards in the area of social responsibility. https://www.ftserussell.com/products/indices/ftse4good
Diversity & Inclusion di Refinitiv Hera is included in the “Diversity & Inclusion Index”, a reference point for investors who look with interest towards the businesses committed to promoting diversity, inclusion and people development.The “Diversity & Inclusion Index” was conceived and is carried out by the international financial information giant Refinitiv (formerly Thomson Reuters), which analyses corporate performance based on a range of ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors. It mainly focuses on four areas: diversity, inclusion, people development and controversies published in the media. https://www.refinitiv.com/en/media-center/press-releases/2020/september/refinitiv-announces-the-2020-d-and-i-index-top-100-most-diverse-and-inclusive-organizations-globally
Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index Hera has been included in this index, which measures gender equality and the promotion of diversity and inclusion and awards companies committed to promoting and creating equal and inclusive workplaces.The Hera Group stands out in particular for its transparency in providing information on these issues and its harassment prevention and sanctioning policies. https://assets.bbhub.io/company/sites/46/2021/01/992304_GEI_Booklet_FNL.pdf
ECPI INDICES: The ECPI sustainability indices assess companies based on their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, thanks above all to the solidity of its operational management practices and the positive work in addressing social and environmental needs. https://www.ecpigroup.com/indici
Euro ESG Equity The Hera stock is included in the ECPI Euro ESG Equity, an index that includes the 320 companies in the Eurozone with the greatest capitalization that meet the ECPI criteria in the ESG field.  
Global Blue Gold GD Equity The  ECPI  Global  Blue  Gold  GD  Equity  Index is  an  equally  weighted  equity  index  designed  to offer  investors exposure  to  the  positively  ESG-rated  companies  belonging  to  sectors  expected  to  benefit  from  the  water  related challenges as water scarcity, population growth and urbanization, food security requirements and pollution.  
STOXX INDICES: The STOXX index range represents a standard set of basic and innovative indices with a consistent and globally applicable methodology.  
STOXX Climate Awareness Indices These indices include companies with a CDP Performance Band A to C- (pre-2016 Performance Band A to C). In addition to the description above of Band A and B, Band C and C- identifies companies who have looked at implications of climate change for, and on, their business and recognizes a high level, contextual knowledge of environmental issues. https://www.stoxx.com/indices
STOXX Climate Impact Indices The STOXX Climate Impact include companies with CDP Performance Bands A to B- (pre-2016 Performance Band A to B). Band A and A- includes companies that are seen as leading companies in terms of climate change: these companies are disclosing particular “actions” which mark them as leaders, as well as high scores across all other levels of the CDP Scoring matrix.  
STOXX Climate Transition Indices The STOXX Climate Transition Benchmark Indices track the performance of liquid securities from a selection of STOXX Benchmark Indices. The indices are designed to help investors in the transition to a low-carbon economy by adopting a decarbonization trajectory.  
STOXX Europe ESG-X Indices STOXX Europe 600 ESG-X index is to reflect the STOXX Europe 600 index with standardized ESG exclusion screens applied for Global Standards Screening, Controversial Weapons, Thermal Coal and Tobacco Producers, with the aim of taking responsible investment criteria into account.  
STOXX Global ESG Impact Indices The STOXX ESG Impact Indices offer a broad market exposure that is tilted towards companies among STOXX Global 1800 Index that score better with respect to a small set of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) KPIs.  
STOXX Global ESG Leaders
STOXX Global ESG Social Leaders
STOXX Global ESG Governance Leaders
The STOXX® Global ESG Leaders Index is STOXX’s broadest benchmark tracking the highest achievers in ESG criteria. The index is a roll-up aggregate from individual gauges covering each ESG category. The STOXX Global ESG Leaders indices consist of one broad and three specialized indices for the areas environmental, social and governance. To be included in the Global ESG Leaders Index it is necessary to be included in at least one of the three specialized indices. Hera is included in the general index and in two of the three specialized ones.  
STOXX Industry Neutral ESG Indices The STOXX Industry Neutral ESG indices track the performance of the leading companies with regard to Environmental, Social and Governance criteria, based on ESG indicators based on a transparent rating model as provided by Sustainalytics.  
STOXX Low Carbon Indices The constituents for the STOXX Low Carbon family of indices will be selected from the STOXX Global 1800 universe, excluding coal companies. Companies are selected based on their Carbon Intensity Data (Scope 1 + Scope 2 Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG) / Revenue ($million)).  
STOXX Low Risk Indices The STOXX Low Risk Weighted Indices select and weight companies from their respective benchmark indices and provide access to a low volatility portfolio.  
STOXX Sustainability Indices Components are selected from the STOXX Europe 600 indices according to their sustainability rating (combination of company and sector rating). Hera is included in this index too.  

Hera stock is traded also on these multilateral markets reserved to institutional investors. The following chart shows Hera stock prices and volumes traded on Bats/Chix alternative market since the start of 2011.

Interactive chart and historical data (318 kb - XLS)

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Hera share interactive tool

Thanks to the Hera share interactive tool you can compare the performance of Hera share with the sector indices and analyse the trend following the publication of price sensitive press releases.


Yield calculation

Hera maintained a relevant attention to dividend yield (growing from 2002) and intends to provide an interactive tool to its shareholders for calculating the value of the shares.

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