TESTATA Risk Committee

Risk Committee

The Risk Committee meets periodically several times during the year and consists of:

  • Hera's Executive Chairman 
  • Hera's Vice President
  • Hera's CEO
  • CFO
  • Market general manager
  • Enterprise Risk Manager

In addition, in relation to specific issues, are expected to attend

  • Central Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs
  • Central Director of Corporate Services
  • Central Director of Innovation
  • Hera Trading's CEO

The Risk Committee is the main organ of guidance, monitoring and information relating to the strategies of risk management, and is responsible for:

  • define the general guidelines for the risk management process
  • ensure mapping and monitoring of business risks
  • define all the risk policies and measurement parameters to be approved by the Board of Directors of Hera SpA
  • garantire la rendicontazione semestrale al Consiglio di Amministrazione di Hera s.p.a.,
  • ensure the H1 reporting to the Board of Directors of Hera SpA
  • define and ensure protocols to be notified to the Control and Risk Committee, the Internal Auditing Department and the Board of Auditors

Significant risks covered in the Risk Committee are based on the following areas: strategic, energy, finance, credit, insurance, information and communication technology, safety and environment, business continuity.

Page updated 22 May 2020

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