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Hera Group is one of the largest Italian multi-utility companies in terms of market capitalization, economic results and market position in its businesses.

Founded in 2002, Hera has progressively grown, reaching an EBITDA of € 1.1 billion, increasing its size by approximately six times, and a customer base of around3.3 million.

The Group, whose mission is to be the best Italian multi-utility, expects to continue its growth path according to the guidelines of the Business Plan to 2024 which sets an Ebitda growth target of + 3.7% on average per year.

The Group is among the top operators at national level in all the businesses in which it operates:

  • 1st waste management operator, by amount of waste treated 
  • 2nd water cycle operator, by volume of water delivered 
  • 3rd  gas distributor, by volume supplied 
  • 3rd operator in the gas and electricity sales business, by number of customers 
  • 4th public lighting operator, by number of light points operated
  • 5th operator in the electricity distribution sector, by volumes distributed.

The interactive tools "Consolidated Results Benchmark" and "Business Results Benchmark", compare Hera's economic and operational data with those of its main Italian competitors.

Our growth is due not only to the quality of the services we provide and our roots in the local area, but also to a strong focus on sustainability both in operating regulated services such as gas and electricity distribution, water service and waste collection, and in free market services, such as special waste treatment, and gas and electricity sales.

Page update 15 February 2021

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