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Storia Acqua

Choosing to drink tap water every day is simple and helps you save money while doing good for the environment. Join us in adopting a more sustainable lifestyle.

Water is a precious commodity, which is why at Hera we are committed to protecting it and promoting its proper use. Over the past few years we have invested locally to upgrade our plants, but also to provide information tools that can help citizens become more aware of water use and help them save money.

Lina, a mother from Bologna, decided
to share her experience with us.

By changing her habit, she managed to save almost €268, and is convinced that her story can inspire other people to adopt such positive behaviour.

"One day, on my way home from work, I heard a news story on the radio saying that Italians are among the world's biggest consumers of bottled water. […] At home it's up to me to make ends meet and listening to that report I thought that maybe by cutting the consumption of bottled water and switching to tap water we could save a lot of money, not to mention the effort of carrying the crates of water and the plastic we could avoid.

I was skeptical, I feared that the tap water was not good, that it might taste bad or even hurt my family's health, so I looked for information. After studying the matter online, I discovered that these are myths to be debunked, and the tasting test dispelled any doubts.

Thanks to Hera's In Good Water report, I found that our household tap water is subjected to almost 3,000 analyses every day and in 99.9% of cases it meets the regulatory requirements.

Acqua lavandino bicchiere

At first ,it wasn' easy to convince everyone, my husband kept buying a few crates of water from time to time and the children supported him. Slowly, however, I managed to convince them that there wasn't any difference between tap water and bottled water.

The savings was what ultimately convinced my husband. In fact, adopting this new approach, one thousand litres of water cost us only €2.1, compared to the €270 we would have spent by buying the same amount in bottles.

To save even more money, I started using the Consumption Diary in my reserved area. By doing so, I can compare my water consumption with the average consumption of families similar to mine and find new solutions to waste less and less water. Now, for example, when I wash the vegetables I leave them to soak in a bowl and after rinsing them, I use the water to water flowers and plants. I think that if everyone behaved like this, we could save a lot of water and also a lot of money. It's really simple, you just have to pay a little attention."

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