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Alessandro Baroncini

Networks Group Manager


Born in Padua in 1968. 

Since January 2021, he has been the Networks Group Manager and is responsible for coordinating and guaranteeing the achievement of the Group's objectives within the management of the Water cycle and gas and electricity distribution in the reference territory through INRETE Distribuzione Energia S.p.A. He also guarantees the management of activities relating to engineering services, remote control of fluids, laboratories and the technical services provided to the end customer in the reference territory through HERAtech S.r.l. He is also responsible for pursuing the business objectives within his area of competence in line with territorial sustainable development and the protection of its environmental resources. 

Following the transfer of the business unit of Hera S.p.A. in charge of gas and electricity distribution to INRETE Distribuzione Energia S.p.A., from July 2016 he held the role of Chief Executive Officer in the company.

From April 2014 to June 2016, he was Manager of Energy Networks with the responsibility of ensuring the management of activities related to gas and electricity distribution services within the relevant area.

In May 2013, following the merger by incorporation between Acegas-Aps S.p.A. and Hera S.p.A., he became Business Development and Asset Upstream Manager of the Hera Group.

From April 2011 to May 2013 he worked, with deputy functions, as Group Manager of the Acegas-Aps Group, created from the merger between Aps and Acegas, where he was Deputy Group Manager and previously Water and Gas Division Manager. 

From November 2003 he was Strategic Marketing Manager of the Aps Group (Azienda Padova Servizi S.p.A.), which operated in sectors covering the water cycle, gas distribution and sale, waste collection and disposal, urban and extra-urban mobility and much more. From September 2000 he was Strategy and Development Manager.

In 1997 he became Group Manager of Apga S.r.l. (Azienda Piovese Gestione Acqua); the company operated in the management of the integrated water cycle and other public services for several municipalities in the province of Padua and Venice. In 1996, he began his managerial career in the latter company.

From 1994, as a freelance professional, he performed various tasks in the field of design, construction management and consulting.

He also managed a few private companies in the healthcare sector (medical diagnostics and surgery services).

He has held posts as director in various Boards of Directors of companies operating in the utilities sector.

He is also a member of the Board of Directors of INRETE Distribuzione Energia.

He has a degree in Civil Engineering, specialising in Hydraulics; while preparing his degree thesis he collaborated with the Danish Hydraulic Institute in Copenhagen and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


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