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The relationship with the local area, the quality of separate waste collection, drinking water, and energy efficiency have always been key themes in the activity of the Hera Group. "On the trail of waste" and "In good waters" explain with transparency and clarity where the separated waste goes and why it is more environmentally sustainable and economical to drink tap water than bottled water without reducing the water quality in any way. Since 2015, we have been publishing a new report dedicated to "energy efficiency", which presents the initiatives, experience and action plans put in place by Hera for sustainable and careful energy management. Meanwhile, since 2016, we have added to our thematic sustainability reports with "The thousand faces of service", which presents initiatives for customers and the territory. The new report "Building the future together" is dedicated to all the initiatives in which the company and the local community work together to achieve the challenges ahead.

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Thematic reports

In Good Waters

Discover the quality of water at zero km

Value to Energy

Discover the Hera Group's commitment to reduce energy waste

Thematic reports
Thematic reports

1000 faces to service

Discover the initiatives for our customers and the territory

Tracking Waste

Find out where your separate collection goes

Thematic reports

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