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Customer Technical Works and Services

We are always at your side

At Hera, we know how important it is to receive assistance from competent experts. "Client Technical Services"  is formed by a team of highly specialized people who receive constant and targeted training to maintain high standards in all interventions and always offer fast and efficient support.

Our experts accompany customers from the outset: from the connection quotation to the opening of the meter  followed by the contract and any documentary verification required for the gas supply. The team also deals with meter readings and checks for consumption control, as well as technical requests and opinions from customers, agencies, and other interested parties.



Innovative and sustainable services

We have always been committed to offering our services with professionalism, quality and quickness and consolidating the trust in our company of the public in the territory.

"Client Technical Service" supervises the interventions on the meters requested by customers or sellers: activations, cancellations, checks, delinquency closures, and takeover readings. We also take care of all the activities related to these processes: from the receipt of requests on computer systems to the planned documentary checks, to the execution in the field and the recording and transmission of the results to the invoicing and customer contact systems.

We focus on quoting new connections, additions to the existing connections and moving GAS and WATER meters, providing preliminary opinions on fire-fighting requests and opinions on requests for sewer discharge authorisation.
Our customers receive complete technical assistance from the quotation preparation phase to the execution of the work. We use an APP in the field to speed up quotation preparation times.
We have developed a web portal that lets customers check the quotation being prepared for gas and water connection and the start of service delivery. Customers are provided with access credentials at the moment of the request, and can also rely on a dedicated telephone number indicated on the quotation itself.

Our specialized technical staff answers all telephone calls and uses a channel dedicated to customers and their installers/plumbers and professionals that provides administrative and technical clarifications on documentary checks. We offer information and make appointments for the professionals appointed by customers to their sewerage service.
We train installers/plumbers and professionals with specific meetings aimed at the correct compilation of the documents required for ascertainment and attestation. 

We contact customers regularly to improve our service through Surveys.

For the services provided by the Group, we acquire the reading of all mechanical and remote meters (if not already communicating) regardless of the customer's self-reading in compliance with Authority regulations (Arera).

Our meter reader is provided with an identification badge and a recognizable uniform, but whenever doubts arise to this person’s reliability, just a telephone call is sufficient to make a check.

We conduct an articulated range of activities and controls aimed at ensuring timely and correct invoicing, equal treatment of all customers, and safer, more reliable service.


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