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The integrated water service

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The integrated water service

Hera for a sustainable water service

Hera Group manages the Integrated Water Service in part of the Emilia Romagna region (under Hera SpA management), part of the Friuli - Venezia Giulia and Veneto regions (AcegasApsAmga management) and part of the Marche region (Marche Multiservizi management).

Specifically, we see to the technical and administrative management of the aqueduct, sewerage and purification treatment services. 

We work every day to satisfy our customers and to guarantee the continuity of the water service, which is marked by high quality standards and utmost safety. We are involved in the front line to promote water savings and efficient re-use, in compliance with the natural balances and the values of the circular economy.

The concept of “sustainability” is universally recognised as “meeting the needs and the possibility of future generations to provide for their own”. This is why we at Hera invest in technological solutions that offer lower water, energy and reagent consumption, and the return of the highest possible amount of resource to the environment through considerable work to recover wastewater. 

Water quality and quality of the services

In line with the Group’s mission, we guarantee:

  • Drinking water in a quantity adequate for the needs of each customer, qualitatively exemplary, supplied with continuity;
  • High level technical services marked by promptness and quality in executing cost estimates, projects and works;
  • Efficiency of the emergency services (active throughout the area served 24/7) for emergencies and faults;
  • Efficient administrative services that ensure promptness and quality in customer relations, including: stipulation, amendment and termination of integrated water service supply contracts or parts of it; metering and recording of the products supplied and of the services delivered; billing and collection of the tariffs; activities supplementary to the previous ones in order to guarantee that the Integrated Water Service is carried out.

All of these elements, a guarantee of quality for the citizens, are summarised in the Service Charters of the group (link to the service charters).

Collection: where the water we drink comes from 

Hera manages the entire aqueduct system process (collection, drinking water purification and water distribution) by taking the water resource from different sources: from the surface to the aquifers and sources located throughout the area. In order to ensure the quality of the water supplied - and of that returned to the environment - all phases of the cycle undergo complex controls in the plants and laboratory analyses. Thanks to this meticulous process, our purification plants are able to return wastewater having characteristics that protect the natural environments from possible alterations to the environment. 

Although we have been entrusted with plants featuring high fragmentation and not technologically state-of-the-art, we meet the quality limits set by current legislation for wastewater put back into the environment and, in many cases, we guarantee treatment levels that are even higher to protect the receiver bodies of water.

Technical activities

Our technical activities regard: design, construction, running, routine and extraordinary maintenance of networks and aqueduct, sewerage and urban wastewater purification treatment plants

We have considerable experience in using no dig technologies for the static and hydraulic rehabilitation of aqueduct networks and sewerage; in many cases these technologies allow us to perform restoration works with very modest construction site impact, minimising the occupied areas, intervention time, dust and noise emissions, and inconveniences for road traffic.

AWS Certification for Val di Setta potabilization plant

Sustainability has always been a fundamental pillar of Hera Group’s business strategy since its founding. The aim is to create and promote a shared value through the implementation of activities and projects that respond to the "call to action" of the UN Global Agenda for 2030. This entails a feasible and sustainable resource management with a particular focus on water.

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