Remuneration and incentives 1

Remuneration and incentives

All Group employees are employed under national collective labour agreements, except contractors, for whom there is no collective labour agreement in place. Workers on staff-leasing contracts are paid the same as those on permanent contracts.


Middle managers 3,065 3,248 4,807
Employees 1,506 1,669 2,851
Workers 1,229 1,382 2,335

The data refer to the following companies: Hera S.p.A., Uniflotte, Hera Comm, Hera Trading, Herambiente, Inrete Distribuzione Energia and FEA.

Hera salary scales are compared against salary trends and are allocated on an individual basis in line with performance and potential, while bearing in mind employee retention.

The main rewards given within the scope of merit-based policies vary depending on the employee’s role and type of contract and consist of salary increases, one-off bonuses and promotions and, depending on the employee’s role and position within the company, additional pay.
Executives and Managers also receive a variable bonus that is directly related to the Group’s Balanced Scorecard system.
The performance bonus is calculated using the same system for all Group employees, based on an equal amount for all workers, a single system of profitability and productivity indicators and a series of quality indicators that vary according to the business segments. The performance bonus is awarded to all employees, including those on staff-leasing contracts.

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The incentive scheme for Group Executives and Managers has been linked to the Balanced Scorecard since 2006.
Variable remuneration is calculated as a percentage of gross annual pay and is determined at the end of the year on the basis of the results achieved in relation to targets set at the beginning of the year.
Each balanced scorecard is divided into three areas:

  • the first comprises specific project objectives based on the targets in the Group’s business plan set out in operational terms; 
  • the second contains the economic targets as set out in the annual budget; 
  • the third envisages the evaluation of specific organisational behaviour defined in the Group’s Leadership Model.

The structure of each Balanced Scorecard, or rather the weighting of the three areas, varies depending on the employee’s role and position within the company.
The final allocation of the bonus is also determined on the basis of results achieved in certain Group parameters (the company’s financial and economic results and customer satisfaction indicators).
The allocation of targets to Executives and Managers, and assessment of whether these targets have been met, is a well-defined process that combines the decision-making role of Senior Management with the coordination of the Corporate Social Responsibility Department and of the HR teams that oversee and guarantee the consistency of the entire process.

Transport and mobility
Hera manages Group employees’ home - work mobility plans using:

  • incentives for purchasing train/bus passes;
  • economic incentives to encourage the use of electric pedal assisted cycles and electric mopeds;
  • shuttle to some company sites;
  • carpooling to share autos with colleagues to reach the work site or move from one site to another;
  • company employee parking at all main work sites.

Favourable terms on services managed by the Hera Group

  • Exclusive employee offers for services managed by the Group. 

Supplemental insurance for all employees

  • Accident policy: in addition to INAL insurance and prior to the application of a deductible, the policy covers both occupational and non-occupational accidents, in addition to occupational diseases recognized by INAIL.
  • Comprehensive policy: the policy covers property damage sustained by personal vehicles used for work reasons by employees.

Sports, social activities and sales agreements

Within the Hera Group, the Circolo Ricreativo Assistenza Lavoratori (CRAL) promotes different activities and agreements:

  • cultural, recreational, sports and travel activities;
  • agreements at different merchants;
  • different sports tournaments (including the Hera Cup sailing competition, Hera Ski Adventure Trophy), fishing competitions and ski outings;
  • theatre subscriptions and tickets;
  • lending library service.

Hera Group has chosen to apply the national collective labour agreement for the sector, which guarantees certain supplementary healthcare and retirement benefits for all employees. Hera makes its own contributions to these services, which covers the entire costs envisaged by certain national collective labour agreements.
Hera Group provides a catering service for all its employees through canteens on the premises or alternatively through approved restaurants which serve full meals.
The Hera Group is committed to actions for reconciling work and personal life, especially through the use of part-time and flex-time schedules.

Remuneration and incentives 3

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