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Cinzia Morandi

Cinzia Morandi

Manager - Energy Distribution Services

Born in Modena in 1961, Ms Morandi has a degree in economics and business studies from the University of Modena. She took up her first important post in the Planning Department of AMCM Modena in December 1987, and from then on her responsibilities at AMCM grew.

She was made Head of Marketing, Planning and Finance at AMCM in July 1988, and later held various positions including: Head of Customer Relations, Head of the Research and Planning Office, and Head of Market Analysis. In March 2003 she became Head of Business Planning in the Planning and Control Division of Meta S.p.A., with responsibility for organising conventions, planning strategic objectives and territorial expansion, and developing analyses for the drawing-up of takeover proposals.

In January 2006, following the merger of Meta into Hera S.p.A., she was appointed Head of Electricity and Energy Pricing at Hera S.p.A.’s Business Development and Strategic Planning Department. She was then made Head of Electricity Distribution in the Large Plant Engineering and Electricity Distribution Department in June 2008.

From January 2010 onwards she was Manager of Electricity Distribution. In December 2011, following organisational changes, she was appointed Manager of Commercial Services Distribution in the Operational Sectors area.

Since January 2013, following the reorganisation of the General Operations Department, she has been Manager of the Energy Distribution Services Division within the Planning, Control and Energy Distribution Department, with responsibility for ensuring – for gas and electricity services – compliance with the Distributor’s obligations and managing relations with the various sales companies, overseeing the correct management of operating processes and communication with the designated agencies through the instruments provided for by regulations.

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