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The Hera Group aims to reduce emissions by 29% as at 2030

Valore all'energia

Hera accelerates on the road of the energy transition and works to ensure that its suppliers and customers use energy in an increasingly smart, intelligent and sustainable way. The numbers of this commitment, as well as the targets to 2023 and 2030, are described in the new edition of Valore all'energia, the thematic sustainability report dedicated to energy efficiency. The Group has an ambitious goal to be reached in 2030: to reduce its overall emissions by 29% compared to 2019. How is this possible? By increasing the energy efficiency of its activities, leveraging the 297 projects that, starting from 2007, have favored the energy transition in the areas in which the Group operates and providing customers in the free market with 100% renewable energy and smart tools that promote an intelligent use of energy, as well as the control, analysis, management and saving in domestic consumption.

Sustainability and Shared value
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