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Hera once again focused on energy efficiency to fight emissions

Since 2007 Hera has carried out 635 projects (of which 109 concluded in 2018), with 1.7 million tons of CO2 avoided, equal to the consumption of 625 thousand families.

These projects – presented in the new edition of the Multi-utility's report “Value for Energy”, available online and at customer shops - do not only concern Hera plant production and activities, but also local companies and public administrations. A central role is played by the families, with a “free market” contract, which are supplied with 100% of energy from renewable sources and provided with a full set of practical and intelligent tools to monitor and limit their consumption.
In addition to that, the commitment of the Group is to reduce its consumption, with the target of dropping it by a -6% as at 2022.

The results shown in the report are the outcome of the Hera strategy, increasingly committed to developing an inclusive business model aimed at creating shared value for the stakeholders, the environment and the future generations.

Sustainability and Shared value
Sostenibilità e Valore condiviso
REINVENTING THE CITY Regenerating resources to move to a society based on the circular economy
Together we can make the difference!
Insieme facciamo la differenza!