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The commitment of Gruppo Hera in new plastic economy

In these days the questionis not whether a world without plastic pollution is possible, but what we will do to make it happen. In just one year, more than 400 businesses, governments, and other organizations have signed the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, lunched by the Ellen Macarthur Foundation and supported by the UN. Hera is among the ones who help create a circular economy, where plastic never becomes waste or pollution. Plastics are fundamental to our everyday life. Yet, with 8 million tonnes of plastic entering the ocean each year, we urgently need to rethink the way we make, use, and reuse it. Catalysing change through collaboration in this global material flow will not only create a more effective plastics system but will also demonstrate the potential for a wider shift from a linear to a circular economy, in which plastics never become waste.á

The announcement of the Global Commitment Progress Report being published was made in the pages of Financial Times Weekend edition, on the 26th of October 2019.

Read the first annual progress report here: newplasticseconomy.org/about/publications

Sustainability and Shared value
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REINVENTING THE CITY Regenerating resources to move to a society based on the circular economy
Together we can make the difference!
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