Testata Insieme possiamo costruire un futuro migliore

Storia Insieme possiamo costruire un futuro migliore

Offering our contribution to improve our local areas and the
society we live in is possible by joining forces.

Building a more sustainable economic, environmental, and social future for all of us is one of the great
challenges of our times. This is why at Hera we have developed a series of initiatives and tools to help
citizens improve their lives and those of their communities, because we are aware that
by joining forces we can do a lot.

The collaboration and involvement of everyone creates value; the results of the projects we have built with municipalities
and citizens in the are we serve are tangible proof of this.

Thanks to the collaboration of customers and organizations, we have been able to create value
for our community with a series of projects that span several areas:


Reuse and waste reduction

with projects such as WEEE for Social and Change the Ending, initiatives that breathe new life into objects that are still in good condition and create jobs for prisoners and people with disabilities

Innovation and development

with educational projects such as Digi and Lode and Hera Lab to teach about sustainability and improve our contribution with everyone's ideas.


Smart use of energy

by providing citizens with tools such as the Wasteologist and the MyHera app that raise awareness and therefore encourage positive behaviour in the use of resources.

Reduction of food waste

with the CiboAmico project that recovers food surpluses from city canteens and markets to donate it to non-profit organizations that help people in need.

"Thanks to these projects, Hera enables us to involve more and more people in the solidarity chain, creating social cohesion and benefits for the whole community" says Lucia, a volunteer of one of the non-profit organizations that collaborates with Hera for the CiboAmico project. The results? You can sure see them! €100 thousand paid out to local schools, thanks to customers who have joined Digi e Lode 34 former inmates recruited or accompanied to work placement to recover WEEE €549 thousand worth of medicines recovered with the FarmacoAmico project 15% of customers use the Consumption Diary and other energy efficiency solutions 106 thousand students involved in environmental education projects 257,600 downloads of the Wasteologist app 577 tonnes of bulky waste sent for reuse with Change the Ending €145 thousand collected for non-profit organizations, with the Hera Solidale initiative" 

What are you waiting for?

Join us, participate in the projects, and actively contribute
to creating value for your city.

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