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Prize awarded to the circular economy on Hera networks

During the 26th edition of the “Comuni Ricicloni” (super-recycling Municipalities) event, held on 27 June in Rome, Hera was given a prize as the best practice for the Network Circular Economy project, which includes the use of pipes of which 70% is made of recycled plastic on the sewage and electricity networks. The “Comuni Ricicloni” event is organized by Legambiente and represents the official occasion on which prizes are awarded to virtuous local communities, administrators, private individuals and companies operating in waste management.

The Group, supported by the competence of Aliplast, a company in the Hera Group and Italian leader in the processing and recycling of plastic, for the first time in Italy, has constructed pipes made of regenerated polyethylene, to be used in managed network services. Once installed and fully operative, the estimated saving (for electricity networks alone) is about 130 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Use of recycled plastic for the construction of pipes enables the plastic materials to be confined to a protected, stress-free environment. Plastic material is thus removed from its normal circuits of use, creating space for a market of substitution with more high-performance materials from an ecological point of view.

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