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Businesses for Safety Prize

Evidence of the Group's commitment on health and safety issues is provided by the prizes and awards that it has won, such as the prestigious "Prize 2012".

The Prize was awarded at the closing ceremony of the SIS - Sviluppo Imprese in Sicurezza (Developing Businesses Safely) project, entitled "Safety is always right" ("La Sicurezza conviene sempre"). The ceremony, which was held in Rome on 24 April 2012, was the occasion for the awarding of the Businesses for Safety Prize, the Confindustria and INAIL initiative, implemented with the technical support of APQI and Accredia, in which 260 Italian companies took part.

A Technical Scientific Committee of expert appraisers examined all the companies taking part, including through on-site inspections, to assess how proactive these organisations were in their approach to health and safety at work and their commitment to innovation, examining whether they had put risk prevention management systems in place and the extent to which a culture of safety had been spread throughout the business.

At the end of this process of careful assessment, the Hera Group was awarded Confindustria's prestigious "Prize 2012", ranking among the top five companies taking part in the initiative.

The award ceremony opened with a message from Giorgio Napolitano, the Italian President, who has always been interested in safety at work and who stressed the importance of a shared commitment on the part of institutions and corporations to ensuring the physical safety of all employees.


Page updated 21 July 2017

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