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A year for safety in the Hera Group

Occupational health and safety have always been part of the heritage of Hera and of the companies that came together to form the Group. For this reason, ever since it was established, the Group has been committed to finding solutions to improve the health and safety of employees in the workplace.


2011 saw the launch of the project "A year for safety in the Hera Group", which reflects this commitment. The initiative consists of 15 projects, some of which are implemented across the entire Group. The most significant role, however, is played at local level, with pilot projects involving the employees of Hera S.p.A. and some of its subsidiaries.

This project aims to foster a culture of health and safety by encouraging proactive behaviour, both in the workplace and in other aspects of daily life. The projects are characterised by an innovative approach that views employees as an active part of the process of building a culture of safety, rather than experiencing safety in a passive way.

The project as a whole is managed by a Steering Committee consisting of the Chairman, Vice Chairman and CEO of Hera S.p.A., the Chairman of Herambiente, the General Operations Department and the Central Departments for Quality, Safety & Environment, Personnel & Organisation, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Operational Services. The development of the project is constantly monitored by a Coordination Group, which reports to the Steering Committee on the progress achieved.


The project is led by a Scientific Committee, part of the Coordination Group, consisting of three external specialists with extensive experience in the field of occupational health and safety, who have developed the three main pillars of the project:

  • organisation/management (safety as a shared responsibility within the company);
  • economics/competition (a commitment to risk prevention at work has a strong correlation with the competitiveness of the company;
  • communications/culture (to ensure that a safety culture permeates the organisation).

After one year of the project: the results

The project "A year for safety in the Hera Group" has now run its course. Most of the 15 initiatives have been successfully completed on schedule and according to the set targets. The strong point has been the involvement of many different professional skills, from managerial to more operational strata, to enhance the culture of safety by improving behaviour in the workplace. The initiatives that have achieved the best results are in the process of being replicated in order to spread the most important experiences throughout the Groupís structures.


Page updated 21 July 2017

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