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The biggest Italian company dedicated to the management of industrial waste grows


As of 1 July, Waste Recycling, a subsidiary of Herambiente, is founded through a merger with Herambiente Servizi Industriali (Hasi), which then becomes the largest Italian company dedicated to the management of industrial waste, with registered office in Bologna and three commercial locations in Ravenna, Padua and Pisa. 

Hasi targets one million tonnes treated per year
The objective of the merger is to simplify and further rationalise the overall structure of the company and make corporate coordination activities easier in order to achieve economies of scale with a general improvement in operating efficiency.
The entry to Hasi of the three Tuscan multifunctional sites of Waste Recycling (two in Castelfranco di Sotto and one in Pisa, the former Teseco) will also enable an increase in the range of customers, allowing Hasi to transfer more types of waste to the same platform.
In Italy, waste from production activities accounts for 80% of all waste produced. With respect to urban waste, industrial waste requires highly professional management systems and cutting edge treatment plants. Thanks to this merger, the volumes treated by Hasi have doubled, up from 550,000 to one million tonnes per year, mainly coming from the chemical-pharmaceutical, petrochemical, iron and steel sectors, and also the manufacturing and food sectors. The same goes for customers, which rose from 1,500 to 3,000, small and medium enterprises and also 250 large customers.
The number of employees in the new company Hasi rose from around 40 initially to 200, while turnover reached Euro 140 million per year, compared to Euro 50 million previously. 

Serving companies
Hasi was created in 2014 from an offshoot of Herambiente, the Hera Group company which is a national leader in waste management, with more than 6 million tonnes per year (including urban and special, hazardous and non-hazardous, originating from urban collection and industrial and productive activities).
Thanks to the availability of roughly 90 certified Herambiente plants and a network of qualified suppliers throughout the country, Hasi is the Group company that offers services to companies that range from micro collection for small commercial activities to treatment and disposal of all types of waste for SMEs and large industrial groups.
With a view to reducing costs and enhancing the circular economy performance of business customers, Hasi’s offer has evolved over time, augmenting waste treatment and transport with a comprehensive series of related higher value services: the so-called Global Waste Management, customised solutions to support customers at each phase of management of their waste,always with a focus on recycling and recovery, as also indicated in the EU directives.

The companies supported by Hasi with Global Waste Management services actually reach recovery shares of roughly 80%, thanks to efficiency plans proposed to reduce waste produced and an improvement in plant performances. In addition, the synergy with other Hera Group companies allows business customers to access additional services based on the circular economy, such as energy and water efficiency plans, that sit alongside those implemented by Hera regarding waste treatment.

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