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Hera ranked once again in top 25 of the Thomson Reuters Diversity and Inclusion Index

thomson reuters_870

The Hera Group has been confirmed as one of the most interesting companies, in Italy and worldwide, for investors who sustain all those committed to promoting diversity and inclusion. The results, which stem directly from the integration of these policies within the Group’s strategy, have been approved by the 2018 edition of Thomson Reuters Diversity and Inclusion Index, whose candidate universe is made up of over 7,000 publicly traded companies worldwide.

Hera, with a score of 73.5 points, proved to be the 2nd company in Italy and the 22nd across the world of this international ranking. Moreover, its position within its own sector was outstanding, coming in first worldwide among multi-utilities.

The “Diversity and Inclusion Index” is an indicator, conceived and realised by Thomson Reuters, an international giant in financial information, that analyses companies’ performances based on a range of factors, grouped into four areas: diversity, inclusion, people development and news & controversies.

The performances of the Hera Group were therefore highly positive: giving concrete form to the strategic relevance of its diversity and inclusion policies, this multi-utility is indeed continuing its work in developing internal and personalised career paths, an approach that allowed the company to reach an amount of women in roles with responsibility coming to 31.3% in 2017. Rising overall, the percentage of female personnel furthermore ranked above the sector average (24.3%, as compared to 15.9%). This data is accompanied by a percentage of employees with disabilities that reaches 4.3% of the company’s total workforce and also includes roles in management.
From all these points of view, the contribution coming from training is significant, with particularly important initiatives such as leadership and smart working courses favouring the development of human resources, based on factors including the diverse characteristics of each resource (gender, age, training, ability, inclination and ability).
Further positive effects no doubt derived from the corporate welfare plan, which sustains employees and their families in many different forms.
Not by chance, encouraging results continue to emerge from this enquiry into the Group’s corporate milieu, with further confirmation coming from a complete lack of controversies involving diversity and inclusion.
Lastly, many initiatives make plurality management concrete, including agreements with daycare centres, summer camps, a range of programmes aimed at creating a positive work-life balance and the arrangements made for leave time, available not only for mums and dads but also for those who provide assistance to relatives or the elderly.

The Hera Group’s commitment to policies promoting inclusion and diversity, in any case, has a long history. It was first consolidated in 2009, when the Charter for equal opportunity and equality on the workplace was signed: with this document the company engaged, alongside other private and public bodies, in the struggle against discrimination on the workplace. The introduction in 2011 of a Diversity Manager, whose task involves giving even greater emphasis to developing policies aimed at inclusion and the valorisation of diversity, was also fundamental. Lastly, for some time now Hera has adhered to the fifth of the United Nation’s objectives for sustainable development, specifically dedicated to gender equality.

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