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Find out how much material is successfully recycled

In 2017, 93% of the green, paper, organic, glass, plastic, wood, iron and metal waste you separated out was recycled.

The percentages for each material are shown below.


All data refers to recovered (i.e. recycled) urban waste that has been collected separately. For plastic, the quantity sent for energy recovery was also considered. Plastic recycling, in fact, requires separation of the individual polymers: the main ones (PET, PE, PP) are recycled and those unsuitable for recycling are rejected but may be suitable for energy recovery.

Out of all recovered plastic, 47% was recycled and 53% was used for energy recovery. Corepla's data for 2017 shows recycled plastic at 52% and energy recovery at 48%.

For green materials, the quantity sent for energy recovery in biomass plants was also taken into consideration. Out of all collected green material, 74% was recycled and 26% was used for energy recovery purposes.

Data does not include the multi-material collection which is exclusively for non-domestic customers mainly located in industrial/handicraft districts (3% of all separate waste collection).