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Higher quality = lower bill

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Quality Costs

The law states that the contributions operators and municipalities receive from Conai and revenues derived from the sale of materials must be deducted from the separate waste collection costs that ultimately determine the taxes for municipal sanitation.

Agreements between operators (or municipalities) and Conai involve contributions that are proportional to the quantity and quality of the material collected. Revenues therefore increase if material being sold is of higher quality

Conai contributions and revenues from the sale of materials reduce waste disposal bills: in 2019, the reduction was about Euro 35 per household or 14% of their bill**

* mainly for paper and cardboard, plastic, glass, iron, and wood. These are the main materials for separate collection for which a Conai contribution is provided or for which Hera obtains revenue from their sale
**for a 3-person household living in an 80 m2 apartment: municipal waste collection services in 2019 cost Euro 243 (Hera area average)


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