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Remuneration committee

The Remuneration committee is assigned the task of making proposals to the B.o.d. regarding:

  • the remuneration of the Chairman
  • the remuneration of the C.E.O.
  • the remuneration of General managers
  • the adoption of general criteria for determining fees for management (without prejudice to the fact that the C.E.O. is tasked with defining policies and levels for remuneration of management).

For the remuneration of managers holding specific offices, the committee has set a maximum limit in order to discourage the taking on of burdensome commitments and to further strengthen the independence of the management.
The committee is composed of four independent, non-executive members, including one representing the minority shareholders.
It should be noted that Chairman Gabriele Giacobazzi hold specific expertise in accounting finance.

áRole in HeraRole in committeeExecutive - Non executive - Independent
Gabriele GiacobazziVice ChairmanChairmanIndependent - Non executive
Monica MondardiniDirectorMemberIndependent - Non executive
Fabio BacchilegaDirectorMemberIndependent - Non executive
Alice VattaDirectorMemberIndependent - Non executive

Page updated 22 May 2020

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