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The toe (tonne of oil equivalent) is the conventional unit of measure for primary energy and is equivalent to energy obtained from the combustion of a tonne of oil. A family of three consumes about 1.6 toe of energy for heating and electricity in one year. In drawing up this report, the following conversion factors were applied (source: Circular of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development (MiSE – Ministero dello sviluppo economico) of 18/12/2014 and FIRE guidelines for appointing energy managers): electricity 0.187 toe/MWh, natural gas 0.82 toe/000 Nm3, heat 0.103 toe/MWh, biogas 0.55 toe/000 Nm3, diesel fuel 0.84 toe/000 l, petrol 0.77 toe/000 l, LPG 0.60 toe/000 l.