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Project parameters

The project concerned waste streams from separate waste collection managed by Hera, AcegasApsAmga, and Marche Multiservizi for the following materials:

  • green (cutting and pruning);
  • paper;
  • organic;
  • glass;
  • plastic;
  • wood;
  • iron;
  • metals (steel, aluminium and tinplate)

from single material collection, mixed collection, and drop-off points. Green waste, paper, organic waste, glass, plastic and metals are the primary materials Hera collects using bins and roadside bins or through door-to-door collection, as well as at the drop-off points. Wood and iron are among the primary materials collected at drop-off points.

Analysed waste totalled 1,010 thousand tonnes (322 kg per capita), which is 79% of the separated waste collected by Hera, AcegasApsAmga e Marche Multiservizi. The remaining share consists mainly of materials not taken into account in the analysis such as bulky waste, inert waste, waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), and other material collected at separate waste collection facilities. Waste collected separately by Cosea Ambiente (equal to 19 thousand tonnes), which became part of Hera Group's scope of consolidation in January 2019, has not been taken into account. Separate waste collection not managed by Hera consists of similar-to-municipal waste delivered for recovery by the producer. Taking into account this waste (7% of separated waste collected – SWC), the project covers 75% of the overall separated waste collection.

Total waste collected 2,038 636  
Total separate waste collection 1,361 434  
Separate waste collection managed by Hera Group 1,271 405  
Separate collection within the project scope 1,010 322 Equal to 79% of the separate waste collection managed by Hera,AcegasApsAmga, and Marche Multiservizi, and 75% of the total separate waste collection


Since 2018, the scope of reporting has been extended to three further separate waste collections both at drop-off points and through roadside bins and roadside bins: waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), vegetable oil, and textile waste (the latter only for the provinces of Bologna, Ferrara, and Modena).

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