TESTATA Manuela Cecilia Rescazzi

Manuela Cecilia Rescazzi

Manuela Cecilia Rescazzi was born in Ferrara on 22 November 1958.

Since 2002, she has provided administrative support to lecturers, doctors in training and medical students at Ferrara University.

Between June 2004 and May 2014, she served as Mayor of the Municipality of Masi Torello (FE), where she had already previously held various roles of responsibility, including front office duties (1988 - 2002).

As Mayor, she supervised and coordinated the employees and general secretary, and took part in technical, economic and administrative planning.

She also participated in assemblies and meetings on issues concerning the Municipality and held in its interest (Asp, Hera, Acosea, Amsef and various committees), and was a member of various commissions.

Between 2005 and 2007, while serving as Mayor, she worked with the Land Reclamation Authority. She was a member of the Commission for the Assessment of Executives in the Municipality of Cento and ANCI Piccoli Comuni (National Association for Italian Municipalities - Small Municipalities) Representative.

She was responsible for the governance management of Ferrovie Padane between January 1980 and March 1988. She was secretary to the Director of Operations and the Government Commissioner.

She graduated with a degree in Legal Sciences from Ferrara University.

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