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Quality, Safety and Environment

Alongside the traditional demand for value for money linked to the satisfaction of customers' needs and expectations within a specific contractual framework, over the years there has been a growing demand for new forms of quality intended to meet a wider range of needs expressed by a broader constituency of stakeholders. Accredia (the Italian national accreditation body) has called this “ethical-social quality”.

These new forms of quality include:

Environmental quality and energy efficiency:

required to protect the needs of present and future communities within the framework of sustainable development. It can be achieved both through systematic approaches (environmental management system certification – ISO 14001, energy management system – ISO 50001, EMAS registrations) and through product-related approaches (environmental labels of various kinds, including the Environmental Product Declaration).

Quality of products and services:

aimed at a clear identification of the requirements that must be met by the products and/or services in order to meet the customer's expectations. On this front, the traditional ISO 9001 standard, with its evolution in terms of continuous improvement, remains the primary benchmark for the implementation of any Management System.

Quality of work and Corporate Social Responsibility:

intended to protect the health and safety of employees. It can be achieved through an appropriate systematic approach (certification of occupational health and safety management systems – OHSAS 18001), including with regard to the entire supply chain with the introduction of the SA8000 standard, as well as to the protection of the social dimensions introduced by ISO 26000.

Information quality and business continuity:

intended to protect privacy and enable information to be used correctly and effectively, within the context of the modern information economy. It can be based both on systematic approaches (certification of information security management systems – ISO 27001) and on process/service-related approaches (e.g. certification of socio-economic activities carried out via the internet), with special emphasis on ensuring business continuity even in the event of any issues and/or threats to such continuity.

The Hera Group has always been strongly committed to ensuring high levels of quality to all the stakeholders with whom it liaises on a daily basis.


Page updated 21 July 2017

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