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Imola welcomes the "Scart" exhibition, where waste becomes art

Imola welcomes the "Scart" exhibition, where waste becomes art

Free and open to all, the exhibition of works of art created using waste materials will be open until 25 June in Salannunziata, this following a first showing in Ravenna that welcomed 3,000 visitors. The Hera Group project was produced in collaboration with the Academies of Fine Art of Bologna and Florence.

The show comprises portraits of celebrities and sculptures of animals, works of art created using recycled waste materials destined for disposal. This is why they form part of “Scart, the beautiful and useful side of waste”, a travelling exhibition that showcases the work of the students of the Academies of Fine Art of Bologna and Florence. After the success of the first show in May in Ravenna, which welcomed around 3,000 visitors, the exhibition, produced as part of the collaboration with Waste Recycling, a Herambiente Group company, has come to Imola. Being held at via F.lli Bandiera 17a in Salannunziata until 25 June, in collaboration with Musei Civici of Imola, free and open to all, it can be visited every day, from Tuesday to Sunday (excluding Mondays), between 4 and 7 p.m., and on Saturdays and Sundays also in the morning, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. In September the exhibition will also visit Modena.

The public will be able to lose themselves among the works of the exhibition and marvel at the many different forms that material can take when subjected to the regenerating power of art. The faces of Lucio Dalla, Marilyn Monroe, Frida Kahlo, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, David Bowie and others will be sharing the spotlight with sculptures depicting different types of animals, which, in the words of Claudio Spadoni, the art critic that curated the catalogue, make up “a heterogeneous bestiary with a fun, and in some cases detached, dada-surrealist feel”.

The initiative also stands out for its educational dimension with didactic workshops, which, based on the themes and materials of the show, entertained younger visitors free of charge in the last few days.

Some works will also travel around the city and will be displayed, also until 25 June, in the spaces of the municipal library of Imola and at the Rocca Sforzesca ticket office.

The Hera Group therefore honours the tradition of Scart, the Waste Recycling project that for over 18 years has encouraged the recovery and reuse of materials through art. An integral part of the multiutility’s daily commitment to the circular economy, Scart faces the challenges in a completely innovative way, adopting a new approach to reuse and recycling that instils a growing value into waste, giving it unlimited life and thus transforming it from a cost into a resource.

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