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The Rimini Seawater Protection Plan

The Optimised Seawater Protection Plan aims to eliminate swimming bans in public waters and reduce the pollution impact measured in COD by 90% by 2020, by 11 measures worth an overall investment of over Euro 160 million.

At the same time, the Plan optimization process started in 2014 is making progress; using numerical modeling the process will identify additional measures to improve to the sewerage – treatment system overall, especially in terms of its cost/benefit ratio. In this regard, and in particular for the area south of the city, a study is in progress to identify any additional works or different methods that can lead to synergies such that would reduce flooding risk in most of the areas of the inhabited area in which this problem is frequent. The progress of the work is consistent with the plan’s objectives. We would like to point out that we have been completed five projects (S.Giustina treatment plant, Dorsale Nord, hospital balancing tank, sewer decontamination at Isola and the Ausa backfilling) while the construction of the 2nd portion of the works on the Rimini Marecchiese treatment plant is nearing completion. Five projects are in progress in 2016.

The works already completed have made it possible to enjoy the first significant environmental benefits, reducing the amounts of COD/BOD disposed of at sea.

The progress of the construction work does not lead us to expect any significant issues and the quantity goals we have set are in sight, so we can expect to stay on schedule.

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