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More e-bills produce more trees: 25,000 new applicants and 500 more trees for our cities

Launched in November 2012 and relaunched in June 2015, the "Get rid of bills. Give a tree to your city" campaign involved planting 1 tree for every 50 users that chose online billing, in areas identified by the municipalities that participated in Hera’s initiative.

Thanks to the 150,000 customers who have chosen on-line billing, as of April 2016 Hera has been able to allocate 3,000 trees to a total of 111 green areas in 59 municipalities, those with the largest numbers of users having chosen electronic billing: a major contribution to the value of our cities in terms of regional planning and environmental protection.

The objectives achieved with the two editions of the campaign have made it possible each year to avoid printing and physically delivering about 900 thousand bills and therefore has avoided the use of over 3,600,000 sheets of paper and the emission of 67 tonnes of CO2 to produce, print and deliver paper bills. These environmental benefits are in addition to those related to planting the new trees that will absorb a total of 300 tonnes of CO2 each year. Moreover, by planting trees in town centres, the initiative has helped to limit the “heat island” effect, typical of those areas and to absorb gaseous pollutants and particulate matter.

Thanks to this initiative, over 16.1% of Hera customers have chosen online billing, ranking Hera first among the Italian utilities in terms of reduction of paper usage. The effort of our partner municipalities in promoting the campaign has also been a key factor to achieve this result, which is in addition to the success of the Opzione Natura offers since besides supplying energy from renewable sources, it also includes electronic billing.

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