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Herambiente and Caviro: a partnership for producing renewable energy from biomass

The Hera Group subsidiary and the leading wine production company, Caviro, sign a commercial agreement for transferring grass clippings and prunings from the area and other organic matter to the Caviro's biomass plant in Faenza. A saving of around 35,488 tonnes of CO2 per year is anticipated.

The Caviro biomass plant, which entered into operation on 27 May 2010, will make an important contribution to utilising grape marc through the production of renewable energy. Thanks to the agreement signed, grass clippings/prunings and other organic matter will be added to this waste by Herambiente, the Hera Group subsidiary, which will also be responsible for the collection and disposal of the manufacturing waste products.

In order to strengthen the commercial agreement made, Herambiente (part of the Hera Group) and Caviro, which is particularly concerned about the recovery of by-products from its manufacturing processes, have entered into a corporate partnership through the formation of Enomondo srl, a company designed for the purpose of managing the biomass combustion plant located in the industrial zone of Faenza. The plant, which runs on 140,000 tonnes of solid biomass per year, will have a power output of 13.7 MWe. It will service the needs of around 29,000 families through the production of "green" energy; this will result in a saving of 35,488 tonnes of CO2 per year not being released into the atmosphere.

The partnership was created with Herambiente taking a 40% stake in the recently established Enomondo S.r.l., the company to which Caviro has transferred the biomass plant.

"We are particularly proud of this partnership with Caviro", explained Filippo Brandolini, Chairman of Herambiente and Chairman of Enomondo, which Ing. Sergio Celotti will be the Chief Executive Officer of, "It is a unique experience in the Italian synergy scene with a private operator that allows us to set up a virtuous circle between industrial production and renewable energy, with the environment reaping the benefit".

The Chief Executive Officer of Caviro Distilleries, Sergio Dagnino, stressed "Already since the eighties Caviro has adopted the route of renewable sources which has allowed us to considerably reduce the impact on the environment. This agreement with Herambiente will allow the Group to underline its commitment to the policy of eco-sustainability. The experience we have gained over the years in recovering manufacturing waste allows us, not only to launch this important joint venture, but also to think about further innovations that will benefit our agricultural production chain."

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