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Hera on stock exchange

Hera is a company that operates in the multi-utility sector of the Italian market and provides services in the sector of energy, resources and environmental operations.

The 26th June 2003 Hera had been listed on the stock exchange in Milan. Since 1st June 2009, Hera share is listed in new indexes FTSE Italia All-Shares and FTSE Italia Mid Cap.

From 18 March 2019 Hera is listed on FTSE MIB. The index consists of the 40 most-traded stock classes on the exchange.

Its tickers are:

  • Bloomberg: HER IM
  • Reuters: HRA.MI

The Hera share is also traded on the following alternative markets: Turquoise and Bats/Chix.


Thanks to the Hera share interactive tool you can compare the performance of Hera share with the sector indices and analyze the trend following the publication of price sensitive press releases.

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