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Hera Shareholders Meeting: 2018 financial statements and dividend increasing to 10 cents approved

Shareholders meeting

The Hera Ordinary Shareholders Meeting called to approve the 2018 financial statements was held in Bologna this morning, and the 2018 sustainability report (a consolidated non-financial statement drafted pursuant to legislative decree 254/2016) was presented.

2018 financial statements approved with strong growth in results

In the ordinary session, the Shareholders Meeting approved the balance sheets pertaining to 2018, which showed improvement in all main operating-financial indicators: turnover reached € 6,626.4 million, up 8% over the previous year, Ebitda exceeded one billion euro for the first time – coming to € 1,031.1 million (+4.7%) – and net profits amounted to € 296.6 million (+11.2%).
Overall Group investments in 2018, including capital grants, reached € 462.6 million (+5% over 2017). Net debt settled at € 2,585.6 million, essentially stable compared to the previous year (2,523.0 million in 2017). The quality of these results was confirmed by a drop in the net debt/Ebitda ratio, which fell to 2.51x (compared to the 2.56x seen in 2017), providing further confirmation of the Group’s financial solidity, which was also reflected in the opinions released by leading rating agencies (Baa2 with stable outlook from Moody’s and BBB with positive outlook from Standard & Poor’s).
The positive results for 2018, in line with the Business plan to 2022 and higher than the forecasts communicated last January, confirm the Hera Group’s ranking among Italy’s major multi-utilities and lay the foundations to grasp further opportunities for expansion in the fragmentary markets in which it operates.



Increase in dividends paid, now reaching 10 cents/share

The Meeting thus approved the Board of Directors’ proposal to pay a dividend of 10 cents per share, up over the amount seen in the past. The ex coupon date has been set at 24 June, with payment beginning on 26 June 2019.
The dividend paid, based on the price of Hera shares at 31/12/2018, corresponds to an annual return of 3.7%. This confirms once again the Group’s strong commitment to creating value for shareholders, as is also underlined by the most recent Business plan, whose dividend policy expects further growth to occur, reaching 11 cents in 2022.

The sustainability report: shared value Ebitda reaches 375.2 million

The 2018 sustainability report, presented during the meeting, highlights the Group’s attention towards creating shared value, reporting information on those businesses that, in addition to creating operating margins for the company, work towards the objectives for sustainable growth contained in the UN Agenda. The areas in which Group’s commitment takes shape fall under three main drivers: a smart use of energy, an efficient use of resources, along with innovation and contribution to local development.
The Hera Group’s 2018 shared value Ebitda came to 375.2 million euro (+14% over 2017), representing 36% of overall Ebitda: a result which is perfectly in line with the path set out in the Business plan, in which this indicator is projected to reach 40% by 2022. Furthermore, in 2018 the Group invested over 180 million euro (approximately 40% of the total) in initiatives and projects aimed at creating shared value.


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