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The mission of the Hera Group Information Systems Department is to guarantee constant innovation of computer and information systems, as well as their design, implementation and administration.

This challenge has been taken up within an extremely dynamic multi-utility Group through strategies of continuous growth and the constant search for improving internal efficiency.

Continuous improvement and innovation are the main operating principles that govern Hera at all levels. This is also made possible thanks to the contribution of Information Systems and its commitment within the company to achieving competitive excellence and supporting business requirements. The same Department organisation focuses on supporting the Group business through Business Units created to assist the different requirements of the corporate sectors in a timely manner.

The Department defines, implements and manages information systems in accordance with world-recognised standards and using leading market technologies. Hera Group’s Information System Department has ISO 9001 certification.

The availability of production systems, as well as their correct dimensioning in accordance with current and future requirements, is guaranteed through the definition and monitoring of efficiency and functionality indicators, in compliance with the constraints defined in terms of costs and expected service quality.

The Information System Department also manages more than 5000 Group information workstations, making sure that they are constantly functioning and performing correctly so that all employees can carry out their activities properly.  It is also involved in guaranteeing the cyber security of systems adopting modern physical and logic measures to protect against any vulnerability or threats.


Page updated 8 August 2019

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