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Internal employee climate surveys represent a fundamental tool in employee continuous improvement, engagement and development processes.

We conducted the first survey in 2005 and have continued this improvement process every two years. Employee satisfaction has constantly risen, thus showing that the answers received have been used to improve the working environment. In 2019, the survey revealed a satisfaction index of 68. Every suggestion provided by our employees is useful for helping define a programme of improvement measures.

The reference indicator used is the ESI (Employee Satisfaction Index), composed of several elements within two main areas: satisfaction and motivation. 

Our survey, which has changed radically over time, focuses on 3 main topics: 

  • Me
  • Team and managers
  • Company

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In order to stimulate the engagement of our employees, last year we renewed our HEuRekA platform, which allows all employees to report and generate innovative ideas in keeping with the company’s values and principles.

We want everyone to feel involved and participate in life at Hera. This is why, every year, we organise events for all employees, where we share relevant information, results and future targets.

Hera Group has always had a close bond with its employees and, for some time, we have offered them a series of non-work-related, cultural and recreational activities, such as discounts for events and shows, designed to bring us together, understand and stimulate interests and passions and boost the sense of belonging to the Group.

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