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Energy efficiency improvement measures from 2007 to 2021

Hera for energy efficiency

Main consumption centres

The toe (tonne of oil equivalent) is the conventional unit of measure for primary energy and is equivalent to energy obtained from the combustion of a tonne of oil. A family of three consumes about 1.6 toe of energy for heating and electricity in one year. In drawing up this report, the following conversion factors were applied (source: Circular of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development (MiSE – Ministero dello sviluppo economico) of 18/12/2014 and FIRE guidelines for appointing energy managers): electricity 0.187 toe/MWh, natural gas 0.82 toe/000 Nm3, heat 0.103 toe/MWh, biogas 0.55 toe/000 Nm3, diesel fuel 0.84 toe/000 l, petrol 0.77 toe/000 l, LPG 0.60 toe/000 l.

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