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To interact more constructively with its suppliers, Hera has introduced an e-Procurement software platform. With a computer and an internet connection, suppliers may do the following:

  • put themselves forward as candidates for supplier qualification; 
  • be constantly updated as regards opportunities for collaboration with Hera; 
  • make bids;
  • receive notification of the decisions made vis-à-vis an order.

It should be noted, however, that all of this will occur gradually. In the meantime, Hera will continue to request and receive bids via fax. It needs to be understood, nevertheless, that the latter is only a temporary measure, in as much as our objective for the future is to make full use of new technologies in our relations with suppliers and, in so doing, to contribute to the development of local communities in and through the lever of innovation.

E-Procurement should be seen by suppliers as a major opportunity with which to avail of important benefits in terms of publicity and transparency. By “publicity” is meant, in this case, a guarantee of equal access to the tendering system for all suppliers, while by “transparency” is intended the certainty of impartial treatment thanks to a computerised process that ensures traceability during all phases of a bid.

Page updated 18 May 2020

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