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In accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Association, and in addition to the definition of the structure of the Group, deliberations on the following matters fall to the exclusive competence of the Board:

  1. appointment and/or removal of the Chairman and Vice Chairman;
  2. appointment and/or removal of the CEO and/or the General Manager;
  3. formation and composition of the Executive Committee, appointment and/or removal of the members of the Executive Committee;
  4. determination of the powers delegated to the Chairman, the CEO and/or the General Manager and/or the Executive Committee, and modification of those powers;
  5. approval and modification of any long-term plans or business plans;
  6. approval and modification of Group regulations, if adopted;
  7. recruitment and/or appointment, on the proposal of the Group CEO, of the managers responsible for each departmental area;
  8. proposal to place on the agenda of the Shareholders' Meeting the modification of Article 6.4 (shares and shares with increased voting rights) Article 7 (Public majority shareholding), Article 8 (Limits on shareholdings), Article 14 (Validity of Shareholders' Meetings and rights of veto) and Article 17 (Appointment of the Board of Directors) of the Articles of Association;
  9. the acquisition and disposal of equity investments with a value exceeding 500,000 euro (five hundred thousand);
  10. purchase and/or sale of properties with a value exceeding 500,000 euro;
  11. provision of sureties, liens and/or other real guarantees with a value exceeding 500,000 euro;
  12. purchase and/or sale of companies and/or business units;
  13. appointment of directors of subsidiaries and affiliates;
  14. participation in calls for tender and/or public procedures involving the assumption of contractual obligations exceeding 25 million euro.

Page updated 30 April 2020

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