compliance with quality standards
set by the Authority for four services
minutes average waiting time
at help desks and chance to book
an appointment with an operator
thousand analyses
carried out on Group drinking water,
1,100 per day, of which 63% on the
distribution network

The technical call centre

Receiving and diagnosing the telephone calls made to the toll-free emergency service numbers is of key importance, since the calls can be used as actual reports of irregularity in the service provided.

The technical call centre service has toll-free numbers for each service (gas, integrated water service and district heating), and area (Emilia-Romagna and Triveneto) in addition to a joint toll-free number for the entire Group for public bodies (fire service, municipalities, provincial administrations, prefectures, police stations, AUSL local health authorities, ARPA environmental protection agency, law enforcement agencies, port authorities, etc.).

Percentage of calls received by the technical call centre answered (within or after 120 seconds) or abandoned within 120 seconds
  2016 2017 2018
Gas 98.8% 98.8% 98.7%
of which for gas emergency service (minimum percentage required by ARERA is 90%) 97.2% 97.5% 97.4%
Water service 98.0% 96.9% 98.1%
of which for water emergency service (general level 90%) 94.3% 93.1% 94.7%

Excluding Marche Multiservizi. The percentage of emergency gas and water calls is calculated according to criteria defined by ARERA, considering the calls received, answered or abandoned within 120 seconds

Average technical call centre waiting times
s 2017 2018
Gas 49.4 54.5
Woter service 67.8 60.2
Number of calls 354,424 339,361
of which for the gas emergency service 98,942 104,579
of which for the intefrated water  emergency service 255,482 234,782

Excluding Marche Multiservizi.

In 2018, the technical call centre in Forlì received about 339 thousand calls, slightly down compared to 2017. The percentage of calls answered by the technical call centre within 120 seconds for the water service improved from 96.9% to 98.1%.

With a view to continuous improvement of the service, an automatic customer satisfaction feedback tool has been implemented at the end of the call of the conversations with the operator. The results showed that 7% of the customers who contacted the call centre were satisfied on a monthly basis, with a very high level of satisfaction for 85% of the participants in the telephone survey.

As regards the management of adverse climatic events (such as frost, floods, droughts, etc.), in addition to the projects started in 2017, the 2018 results were positively influenced by the implementation of the outsourcing project, which made it possible to channel excess calls at peak times, maximizing performance, and the extraordinary management of frost events with deferred recording project, which made it possible to direct calls to a virtual operator (except for critical user types) for subsequent management in the back office (for the frost emergency).