employees with permanent contracts
million euro
used by employees with Hextra,
the company’s welfare plan
(with 98.5% of employees adhering)
variable retribution
of middle and senior management
depending on sustainability, 17%
on hsared value

The leadership model

Since 2011, the Group has been provided with a leadership model: a compass that steers our behaviour and describes the skills we need to develop our mission and values and to achieve strategic results.

In 2016, a shared and participatory process was launched involving over 700 employees, to review the model as a result of the new challenges. The new model has inherited exemplary leadership from its predecessor, in terms of style, and has included agility as its approach. It follows two lines, a temporal today-tomorrow line and another line involving I-us, thus defining 4 areas of objectives each containing 2 skills.

The process for getting to know and disseminating the new contents of the model continued in 2018. The process involved more than 600 people including managers and middle managers for about 4,000 training hours. Multimedia contents (articles, videos, e-learning courses, slides, tests) were made available to the entire workforce (over 5,000 employees, middle managers and managers) through the specific e-learning platform. Of particular note are the leadership development initiatives which continued in line with the UN Agenda targets: in 2018, classroom activities led to the creation of the “Casette del sorriso”: small cardboard buildings designed and decorated directly by employees and donated to the paediatric wards of hospitals in the areas in which the Group operates.

Hera, therefore, continued to promote the knowledge and daily implementation by all employees of the conduct defined in the model.

Other development initiatives

In a context that requires agility, interconnection, speed and ability to achieve innovation both at the system level and at the individual level, the 2018 also saw the launch of the Virtual Factory project, multi-functional teams focused on realizing innovative and effective solutions in a short time. Participation in the team represents a development opportunity for people and allows the spread of technological knowledge and raising awareness of innovation. Overall, 4 projects have been launched with the participation of 18 employees in the following areas:

  • “Second level dashboard”: Development of the “second level” of the company dashboard system for the 6 “areas” already included in the first level dashboard (Herambiente, AcegasApsAmga, Heracomm, Water, Environmental Services, Inrete);
  • Hera LE(a)D: Planning and implementation of the transition to LED lighting systems in two company sites and development of a model for the extension to the other sites;
  • Idea Management: Review of the “Hera model” for the management of the Idea Management process, aimed at promoting greater employee involvement in the generation and implementation of innovative ideas;
  • Virtual Training: Design and implementation of a training module to be delivered through the use of augmented reality, on issues related to operations.